About Us

Bintech was founded 20 years ago by a group of consultants from international firms, all of them experts in managerial accounting and high technology, with the clear objective of using their previous knowledge and experiences in order to benefit their clients.

We currently have specialized consultants, distributed in Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Costa Rica, Peru, Honduras, Panama, Spain, among others.


Help our clients improve the profitability of their businesses, through effective, practical and avant-garde solutions that ensure the generation of value and sustainable development to remain and grow in their market.


  • Commitment. We are committed and guarantee total satisfaction in the services we offer.
  • We offer Quality. We pay attention to every detail, we maintain the commitment to do things well, in each of the processes, activities and tasks.
  •  We are Authentic. We are not the same as others. We challenge the conventional when necessary, always focused, with our feet on the ground and looking for simplicity.
  • We are Responsible. We depend on ourselves and on synergy with our clients. Successes and mistakes must be acknowledged.
  • We Work as a Team. The integration of functional and highly efficient teams, together with our clients, is a fundamental and essential part of our work method.
  • We act with integrity.  All decisions and actions undertaken must comply with the values ​​of the company.
  • We are prudent. We take the time to identify the results that our actions will have and we always seek to act appropriately, fairly and moderately.


Bintech since its inception has been related to and has been a member of CAM-I (Consortium for Advance Management International) which is the most important global organization in research and development of methodologies and practices for the Management of highly efficient integrated Financial Models ( Profitability, Costs, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasts), so our team is always at the forefront in terms of new techniques, methodologies and research carried out by said authority in the global field.

Bintech is a strategic partner for SAP services (SAP Partner) in different countries. We are the consulting firm with the most successful implementations globally in Profitability and Cost models, with SAP PaPM and PCM (Profitability and Cost Management) technological solutions.

In 2009 we were selected by the Mexican Ministry of Economy as one of the 20 Mexican technology companies suitable to develop an expansion process to the United States, through the support of the TECHBA program supported by the IC2 institute belonging to the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Therefore, from that year on, we began operations in the American Union..

In 2020 Bintech began the certification process as a Service Partner to implement Google solutions, offering our clients to help them implement technological solutions on this market-leading platform and with great benefits in all aspects of the business.


Bintech is an expert authority in providing the CFO with Financial Services and Analytical Solutions to overcome any Technological or Strategic challenge.