Consumer Goods


It is essential in Manufacturing and Consumer companies to know how the real cost of each product (SKU), family, production order, manufacturing process is integrated, and to understand its impact on profitability, through customers, channels, markets, routes, Cedis, etc. and even more so for those products with low margins and high competition, as frequently happens in the Consumer Industry.



Some of the main advantages that our solutions bring to this industry are the following:
  • Identify and eliminate activities and processes that do not add value in operational and administrative or support areas.
  • Make an accurate allocation (without proration) of indirect costs and expenses, based on performance indicators.
  • Define commercial strategies of prices, promotions, discounts, etc. based on real profitability by product, customer, channel and possible combinations.
  • Know the real profitability of each product (sku), category, business unit, customer, distribution channel, etc. and what is the mix that optimizes profits.
  • Target Costing allows to guarantee positive profitability in low-margin products, as well as to know where the price is constantly reduced by the competition and the market.
  • Identify markets, business lines and more attractive channels to develop due to the profitability and risk they imply.
  • Optimize costs of installed capacity (used and idle).
  • Compensate the workforce (bonuses, incentives) based on profitability indicators, makes this process more fair and equitable, in addition to fostering the interest and commitment of the staff in optimize business profitability.
  • Have a Planning, Budgeting and Forecasts based on real and objective performance metrics.

The rest of our Financial Services Solutions are also applicable for this industry.