At Bintech we have consulted on public and private healthcare institutions in various countries. We are pioneers in the institutionalization of financial models of profitability, cost management and related planning. We use SAP EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) technology as shown below.



We offer solutions based on integrated financial models linked to technological applications, these contain the financial and operational data of the organization. Our goal is to generate reliable and timely information for decision making.

Optimization of the cost base

Perhaps this is one of the most important requirements of healthcare services. To define future operating scenarios, as well as the use of resources, it is very important to know: The Cost per Patient, Cost per Relational Diagnosis Group, Cost per Outpatient Relational Group, and The costs and performance of support operations, such as maintenance, supplies or logistics.

Resource planning

Using models based on performance indicators, rather than on accounting transactions, has made it possible to eliminate the “auditor” thinking when consolidating financial information to prepare planning reports, and to avoid reports that lack practical content for decision making on:

  • How to reduce the cost per transaction or care for each patient.
  • How to achieve greater transparency of operations to have a better focus and responsivenes.
  • How to better target resources to optimize infrastructure capacity.


Strategic alignment

Financial reports, as well as the data that supports them, are often innumerable. However, a study carried out concludes that of all the data generated by the Financial Department, only between 4 to 6% is used in decision-making. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the main business strategies, and maintain the steps to align and communicate the strategic initiatives with the actions to be executed over time.

In conclusion, we can affirm that the process of Measurement and Evaluation of the Performance of Health and Hospitality services implies a continuous work that requires information from the past, the current situation, and scenarios with a view to what could happen in the future. The roles of decision-makers involve different information requirements.

The rest of our Financial Services Solutions are also applicable for this industry.