The business model of the Retail company is constantly reinventing itself, which leads organizations to transform their business processes in the short term in order to meet the new demands and habits of consumers, that is why knowing the Detail the various factors that intervene in each business process and the impact of these in terms of cost and performance, it is extremely essential to guarantee the survival and growth of the business.



Therefore, the Profitability Analysis is increasingly essential and useful for different purposes, ranging from:


Commercial Efficiency

  • Definition of pricing strategies (Pricing).
  • Discounts and bonuses.
  • Definition of profitable and measurable promotions and special offers strategies.
  • Target Pricing / Costing.
  • Sales Force Compensation based on real profit (profitability) for the organization.
  • Support marketing and advertising investments to more profitable markets, customers, channels.


Process optimization

  • Determine costs by processes and activities.

  • Know the real profitability of each product by (sku), category, business unit, client, distribution channel, etc. , as well as the mix that optimizes profits.

  • Identify waste and its impact on results.

  • Evaluate changes in operating or support procedures.

  • Enrich performance metrics with economic indicators of costs and profitability.

  • Simulate new operating scenarios and their economic viability.

  • Optimize the use of assets (equipment, personnel, facilities, routes, CEDIS, etc.)

  •  Manage Categories.


Human Capital Management

  • Compensate staff based on cost and profitability metrics.

  • Evaluate the use of insourcing vs. outsourcing services.

  • Strengthen performance metrics.


New business development

  • Identify new business lines, products, services, clients, markets, etc. to be marketed in terms of profitability and risk.
  • Analyze new investments (equipment, technology, facilities, etc.) for the associated economic benefit.

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