Importante Banco Mexicano que ofrece sus productos y servicios tanto a personas como a empresas, evoluciona en el análisis de rentabilidad multidimensional a nivel Contrato, Cliente, Producto/Servicio y Canal, a través del uso de SAP PaPM y SAC y los Servicios Profesionales de Bintech.


The food company managed their models, based in manual processes with spreadsheets of high information relevance for the business, such as the calculation and estimation of waste, among others. The time required to update the data each time these models were required to be calculated was long and with a high risk of errors. These models didn´t allow to generate reliable future projections, so it was necessary to create an agile and practical process that would allow users to update information and generate reports immediately, automated and accurately.





Through our participation, a new data model was created based on best practices in their industry, using SAP PaPM.
This model is 100% automated from the integration with data sources (Cubes in SAP BW4HANA), to the visualization of results in SAC.
The business user has full control of the instance to manage and evolve it as the organization requires.



The company can sell, plan Inventories and predict losses in a practical and precise way.

With this model, it is capable of generating multi-dimensional profitability by SKU (Plant, CEDI, Route, Customer, Channel) in real time.

They managed to obtain a new financial planning model, linked to profitability, all integrated in SAP PaPM.
Likewise, PaPM is used to build complex data models that allow solving various problems in operational and administrative areas in a practical and timely manner.



Bintech was chosen for demonstrating a greater experience in implementations related to the subject and for being the creators of logical and simple scenarios for decision making, through state-of-the-art technology designed for complex models with high volume of data.


  • Industry: Food Production and Marketing.
  • Presence: Mexico, USA, Central and South America
  • Products and services: Collection, Cooling, Pasteurization, Packaging, Transportation and Marketing of Milk and Derivatives.
  • Project location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Solutions: SAP PaPM, SAC, BW4HANA
  • Implementation company: Bintech