Important Mexican Bank that offers products and services to people and companies, evolves in the multidimensional profitability analysis at the Contract, Client, Product / Service and Channel level, through the use of SAP PaPM, SAC and Bintech’s Professional Services.


The Banking Institution required to know the Profitability at the Contract, Customer, Service, Product and Channel levels, to be able to make strategic decisions at various levels of the organization. However, it had High Levels Profitability models totally manual (in spreadsheets), with reports consolidated by the Financial Planning area.

They required many business rules given high complexity to make changes to the model and maintain it. The institution invested many hours of work to extract and debug the source data to the process model (12 days per month approx.) And didn’t have a single source of reliable information (correct information).

The company wasn´t able to handle high volumes of information and was even impossible to calculate profitability for all periods of the year.





This is how we developed a new data models to calculate profitability, based on business rules and premises established by the bank. We work very hard on the adoption of the new paradigm in the management of Profitability information and efficiency was sought in the performance of the new models to generate accurate information.



The implementation of SAP PaPM and SAC was carried out in stages, using the bank’s own methodologies to guarantee the success of the project.

The multidisciplinary teamwork was made up for our client and Bintech staff, transferring knowledge throughout the process during implementation.



The Bank has new models that provide information related to its multidimensional profitability at the Contract, Customer, Service, Product and Channel levels (what is required to make decisions).

There is a reduction in time for the entire process in terms of generating Profitability information, reducing the time from 12 days to 4 hours.

Obtained greater precision in the allocation of Costs and Revenues, supporting all the required levels of granularity.



Bintech was chosen by the Bank, by demonstrating greater experience in implementations of Profitability Models, for the financial sector in Mexico and in Latin America, with a highly experienced team in the implementation of SAP solutions and state-of-the-art tropicalized methodologies for the industry and designed for complex, high-volume data models:


  • Location: Mexico
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Employees: 4,200
  • Customers: 560,000
  • Products and services: Banking, Insurance, Warehouse, Leasing, Factoring, Investment Banking
  • Solutions: SAP PaPM and SAC
  • Implementation Company: BINTECH