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In financial institutions such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms, etc., it is typical that the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) dedicates most of his efforts to generate external reports (financial accounting). However, to increase profitability and optimize the cost basis is required an approach more oriented to provide inputs for the operational, tactical and strategic decisions making at various organization levels, which  is achieved efficient with profitability models and  costs (management accounting).

Usage of profitability models in Financial Institutions

With our solutions, we help transforming the way of working of the Finance Department, we make the internal processes faster, effective and efficient to convert them in the leading information providers for the entire organization.

After the implementation of our solutions, each one of the users at all levels of the organization, will have the sufficient, accurate and timely information to ensure the optimal performance of the company.

Thanks to this new vision of business, it is possible to generate a wide variety of reports with the frequency and the detail level required by each user. Here are some examples.



  1. Profitability General Report.
  2. Profitability Report by Product Segment.
  3. Products Profitability Report.
  4. Products Profitability Report by Service Channel.
  5. Products Profitability Report by Customer Segment.
  6. Service Channel Profitability Report by Customer Segment.


  1. Cost General Report.
  2. Cost Report by Financial Product.
  3. Cost Report by Service or distribution Channel.
  4. Cost Report by Customer Segment.


  1. Cost report by process.
  2. Total and unit cost report per transaction type.
  3. Cost analysis report of each process per financial product.
  4. Internal and shared services cost report.
  5. Transactions analysis report per process and financial product type.

Here are the various dimensions or views that are obtained by implementing a profitability and costs model by activities in a financial institution.


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Financial Services


Example of dimensions in Profitability models