Oil and Gas

Within the Oil and Gas industry, we have supported our customers in various initiatives, like Profitability and Cost Management and Optimization of Maintenance Processes of facilities.

Profitability and Cost Management models have application in UP STREAM, MIDLE STREAM and DOWN STREAM processes. In our experience with customers from different countries (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain), we have developed models with very different scopes and objectives.

For example: we conducted a very important project for PEMEX, whose aim was to measure the cost and profitability of services that integrated the supply chain to supply Offshore Platforms.

We have also undertaken initiatives aimed at supporting the process of planning, processing and manage of maintenance tasks automatically, through an integrated technology platform.

Among the benefits that our customers have obtained by having an Integrated Maintenance Management initiative are the following:


  • Have a clear and functional representation of old maintenance processes.
  • Provide a solid foundation for the pursuit of coherent decisions on technical systems, replacement investments and changes in the maintenance strategies.
  • Distribute the current information to all related departments regularly and timely.

This initiative has been integrated with other modules of the ERP of the organization, as Materials Management, Production, Purchasing, Accounting, Budgeting, Personnel Management and Comtrolling, which has achieved:

  • The information is always current
  • The processes needed for the Maintenance are automatically executed (for example: automated creation of purchase orders for non-existing materials, personnel management that will execute the maintenance tasks, etc.).

Benefits obtained by Pemex while optimizing its maintenance processes using PM-SAP (Plant Maintenance)

  • Improve efficiency and operational reliability of the facilities and infrastructure.
  • Having the information centralized.
  • Apply efficient and profitable maintenance strategies in all areas and assets of the organization (optimize resources and costs).
  • Improve the safety of facilities and personnel.
  • Maximize the assets value of PEMEX.
  • Develop better maintenance practices, so PEMEX becomes a world-class company in this discipline.

The correct execution of all services related to SAP PM Plant Maintenance has impacted immediately in benefit of the production.

The level of certainty that generates the proper use and monitoring of a SAP PM Comprehensive Maintenance allows PEMEX maintain its productive approach with a high level of operational reliability.