Location: NAFTA (Gulf of Mexico).
Industry: Transportation (& GAS).
Income: 35,000 million.
Business Type: Parastatal
Transportation: 15,000 persons per day, with a fleet of 134 teams.
Partner: BINTECH

Challenges and Opportunities

  • To know the cost for transportation of direct, indirect staff as well as Halliburton and Schlumberger in the operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • To have information to improve decision-making.


  • To have better tools for decision-making and create transparency in logistics operations and maintenance of PEMEX PEP.

Implementation detail

  • An awareness workshop about the methodology and use of the technology application (Metify) was performed.
  • The first model was developed over a period of 25 weeks for the transportations operations of personnel, material transportation, engineering and maintenance.

Why us?

  • Alliance with McKinsey & Co.
  • Experience in other areas of Pemex.
  • Experience with US Navy and Hutchinson Ports.


  • Identification of the cost of maneuvers by equipment and route.
  • Set prices for transportation services for partners.
  • Improved transparency of logistics operations, maintenance and engineering.