Logistics and Transportation

Logistics companies are characterized by high complexity presented to precisely measure profitability and cost to serve, which occurs mainly by the diversity of options and variants to provide the services, and the high weight representing indirect costs (Administration, HR, Commercialization, IT, Marketing) that become a very important part of the total cost.

Bintech in its professional experience has advised more than 100 companies in this sector, including: customs agencies, transportation companies, port terminals, courier, cargo warehouses, bonded warehouses, shipping lines, among others.

Among the benefits that such companies have received, we mention the following:


Port Terminals



  • Elimination of average costs and allocation of indirect costs.
  • More accurate and detailed analysis about performance of services to attend the customers.
  • Better cost and performance analysis of provided services.
  • Better understanding of the portfolio of products and customers.
  • Best basis for negotiating prices and grant special conditions that strengthen the relationship with customers (discounts, special conditions, additional value added services).


  • Identification of the total and unit cost of value-added services.
  • Improve the allocation of resources in the operations, and optimize the use of the installed capacity.
  • Establish performance metrics for logistics and customer service processes.
  • Know the operating features of products and services to analyze their impact on the basis of cost and profitability.
  • Establish what services, routes and negotiations are the most and least profitable in order to optimize them and encourage their  commercialization.

Application of profitability models in the value chain of the import of goods services, with all processes involved, from the unloading vessel to the customs clearance and delivery to the end customer.