“Prior to the implementation of SAP Profitability & Cost Management we could remove the profitability by product with MS Excel, but was unable to cross that information with the data by segment and channel. Today we can differentiate between business units and transfer best practices to the inside of each, in an efficient and reliable.”

Mauricio Londoño

Gerente Financiero y de Presupuesto, Banco Caja Social

Localization: Bogotá. Colombia .
Industry: Banking.
Products and services: provision of financial services for low-income segments of the Colombian population: individuals, entrepreneurs and small and medium companies.
Website: www.bancocajasocial.com
SAP solutions:SAP ERP with the Fi-Co, Costs, TR, AM, MM, PS, PSM and TV modules. SAP Profitability & Cost Management.
Partner: Bintech


Challenges and Opportunities

  • 4 millions of customers.
  • Modernization process of the company since 2005 which changed the organizational structure and the management model.
  • The core banking tool is an own development.

Project objectives

  • To standardize the processes.
  • To achieving security in the transactions and comply with the tax and legal regulations.
  • To improve the information quality of cost to identify costs by area.
  • To obtain a visualization of profit and loss by product, customer and channel.

Why SAP?

  • Because it favored the standardization process aimed at the Bank.
  • Because it accompanied the new vision of management.
  • Because of its ability to integrate with SAP ERP and with no SAP (own core banking) systems.

Implementation keys

  • The project was developed in 6 months and adherence to the standard was constantly sought.
  • The team was formed by 4 persons of BCSC and four persons by the implementer.


  • They were able to identify activities which had a high waste.
  • They relocated resources, which were wasted, to other business units.
  • They were able to develop a business intelligence strategy.
  • They were able to develop a process costing differentiated by customer, product, channel and segment.