Our commitment is to help our customers, so that they have world-class financial and processes models, which operate with maximum efficiency, according to the characteristics and needs of each organization.


Our services include: Business Consulting, Technology Solutions Implementation, Training and Education Programs, Support and Technological Development in the following initiatives:


Profitability Improvement and Business Intelligence (EPM)

  • Strategic Cost Management.
  • Profitability models.
  • Cost to serve.
  • Pricing and commercial strategies.
  • Value-based management.
  • Capacity Management.
  • Target Costing .
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Predictive analysis.

Optimization of plant maintenance using the SAP PM (Plant Mainteince) technology


Profitability Improvement and Business Intelligence (EPM)

With our solutions your organization will be able to:


Reduce costs without affecting the operation of the company.

Know the real profitability of each customer served.

Identify the profit margins for each product or service and know the combinations that optimize the profits.

Detect activities that do not add value and how much it cost to perform them.


Identify the profit margins for each product or service and know the combinations that optimize the profits.

Monitor the performance of the entire organization in terms of costs and productivity.


Have timely, accurate and sufficient information through practical, automated and highly efficient reports in the required media (fixed or mobile)


Improve the Business Profitability.

Optimization of the Plant Maintenance Process

Initiatives aimed to support all the process of planning, processing and settlement of maintenance measures, automatically, and by using an integrated technology platform.


Absolute administration of all measures to be implemented by the Maintenance Department (planning, control and communication).

Clear representation of the maintenance processes.


It distributes the current information to all related departments regularly and timely.


Automatically triggers the processes needed for the Maintenance (for example: automated generation of purchase orders for non-existing materials, personnel management that will execute maintenance, etc.).


The maintenance management procedures are determined by the needs of each organization.


It provides a solid basis for the search for coherent decisions about technical systems, replacement investments and changes in maintenance strategies.


It integrates with other modules of the ERP of the organization (if any), such as: Materials Management, Production, Distribution and Sales, Personnel Management, Finance and Controlling.

Business consulting

We integrate our knowledge (acquired during more than 20 years of experience in financial management issues with specialized technological applications). We have a highly differentiated and effective approach to diagnose, define, design, build and deliver EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions to comply 100% with the requirements and characteristics of our customers.

Similarly, if you already have some of the above initiatives, we can help you optimize your operation and exploit, to the fullest, the information for decision-making throughout the organization:

  • Review of the initiatives compliance that improve profitability, as to the real information needs for making operational, administrative and strategic decisions.
  • Optimize the company structure by analyzing the current information architecture, in order to identify opportunity areas to make the performance more efficient and avoid processes and loads of unnecessary information.
  • Establish the following initiative evolution steps so that it can be exploited to the fullest and contribute to the development of other continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Assess the current Technology Platform, and make it more efficient based on the needs of the company. According to this assessment, define the most appropriate alternative, and help the company to carry out the migration and implementation of the proposed solution.

Implementation of Technological Solutions

Before implementing any technological application that serves to enhance the Office of the CFO, it is very important to have an understanding and a clear vision about the technological and business requirements. This in order to achieve a satisfactory result. We design, implement and institutionalize solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, and further guarantee the value creation and return of investment  in the shortest period.

Our working method involves:


  • Evaluate and define a strategy for integrating technological applications that are appropriate for the organization, based on its features, requirements and evolution expectations.
  • Establish the investment plan and critical path for implementing appropriate technological applications.
  • Set the integration of technological applications.
  • Develop metadata and data structures.
  • Prepare reports, dashboards and applications on fixed and mobile media.
  • Teach courses and workshops for skills development.
  • Support to execute post-implementation activities.


When an Enterprise Performance Management project is executed, the skills development and knowledge of your work team is the most important task to achieve the expected results. In Bintech, we have developed training programs (courses and workshops) that will allow your work team to obtain the most advantages of these initiatives, as well as from the technological applications and from the implementation processes of them.

1.- Practice and Industry Standards Workshops.

  • Cost Management Strategies to increase profitability.
  • Planning and budgeting based on indicators.

The content and duration of these courses can be adapted according to the requirements of each organization.


2.- SAP EPM solutions. 

  • SAP Business Objects Profitability and Cost Management.

These courses are executed with the requirements established by SAP to obtain the respective certification, both onsite and eLearning via.

3.- Curses EPM Compass

  • PCM Compass (Profitability and Cost Management).


Our courses can be executed in person, through e-Learning, and in a virtual classroom. For more information, contac us, and we will reply as soon as possible.