Bintech was founded by a group of expert consultants in management accounting and high technology, all of them came from renowned international firms, and they all had the same goal: “to use their prior knowledge and experience to benefit other companies.”

In 2001 Bintech operated under the name of Armstrong Laing Group Iberoamérica (ALG) and developed in the Spanish language market, technological applications of Enterprise Performance Management. Since 2007 the technological developments were bought by the SAP firm with the intention of creating a leading platform that would meet the requirements of profitability, forecasting and Risk Management. In Bintech, we have developed effective methods and knowledge; we have delivered successful results in advanced models of Strategic Cost  Management, Profitability and Business Intelligence and Strategic Reporting (BI).

We know that to make sustainable changes in the time, the transformation of the processes and financial models requires the application of efficient information technologies, and the work team develops skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary that each team member be guided to perfect his/her work style, and this will provide a huge competitive advantage.

In Bintech, we have developed a methodology that has been current so far, which is to study deeply business to understand their operation and based on the results, deliver exactly what is needed to be able to increase the organization value. With more than 20 years in the market, Bintech has become a leader in financial innovation. We have carried out work in various countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States and Spain. Currently, Bintech is considered an expert authority to provide the CFO effective tools to overcome any challenge that comes, whether technological or strategic challenge, regardless of the industry the organization belongs.


Help our customers improve the profitability of their business through effective, practical and cutting edge solutions to ensure value creation and sustainable development to remain and grow.


  • Being leaders in solutions focused on improving profitability, and processing of financial information for decision-making.
  • Being highly profitable, able to maximize the economic value creation, without neglecting our ethical and social duties.
  • Being at the forefront in the application, design and creation of products and services that allow us to fulfill our mission.
  • Providing decent, inclusive and cooperative treatment to all our collaborators, and make available fair working conditions with a clear career plan and with development opportunities for all the organization members.
  • Having pleasant and comfortable work spaces that promote coexistence, and where the human capital can develop his/her maximum efficiency level.


  • Commitment – We are committed and guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients through the services we offer.
  • We offer Quality – We pay attention to every detail; we are committed to doing things well in each one of the processes, activities and tasks.
  • We are Authentic – We are not equal to others. We challenge convention when necessary, always focused, with the feet on the ground and looking for simplicity.
  • We are Responsible – We depend on ourselves and synergy with our customers. The successes and mistakes must be recognized.
  • Team work – The integration of functional and highly efficient teams, together with our customers, is a paramount and essential part of our work method.
  • We act with integrity – All decisions and actions taken must comply with the company values.
  • We are Prudent – We take the time to identify the results that our acts, and we always act appropriately, fairly and moderately.


ISO 20000 is an international standard, which ensures that quality IT services are offered to customers of a particular organization. It is designed for companies providing IT services. It is based on a process of planning and implementation of services to meet the requirements of a management system; it seeks to maintain the continuous improvement cycle (PDCA).

The verification according to the NMX-I-059/02-NYCE-2011 Mexican standard is to determine the level of maturity of the nine processes in organizations that are referenced to the MoProSoft model. These nine processes are contained in three categories: High Department (DIR), Management (GER) and Operation (OPE), which ensures full coverage in the organization. The maturity level is determined of capabilities for each verified process and, based on this, the maturity level of the organization capabilities. This is the maximum capacity level reached by all the MoProSoft processes.





We collaborate and are flexible to work with our customers. These elements are part of our premise and working approach. Our priority is always to obtain the desired results. Therefore, sometimes we work as a team with other organizations, and so we can meet the requirements of our commitments.


Currently, Bintech is a SAP service partner in various countries, and we are the consulting firm with more successful implementations globally of Profitability and Cost Management Models with the SAP PCM (Profitability and Cost Management) technological solution.


In 2009, we were selected by the Secretary of Economy of Mexico as one of the 20 Mexican IT companies capable  to develop a process of expansion in the United States through the support of the TECHBA program supported by the IC2 Institute belonging to The University of Texas at Austin ( UT). Therefore, from that year we began operations in the United State.


Bintech since its inception has been involved and has been a member of CAM-I (ConsortiumforAdvance Management International) which is the most important global organization in research and development of methodologies and practices for the Integrated Financial Models Management of high efficiency (Profitability, Costs, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting), so our team is always at the forefront about new techniques, methodologies and research conducted by such authority at the global level.


Newly created, BBRT (BeyondBudgeting Round Table) is an international organization focused on evaluating, proposing and training in techniques, methodologies and solutions about Business Administration using non-traditional tools. Bintech has been part of the group of companies and educational institutions that have shaped this organization recognized internationally.