More than 20 years of experience

with more than 200 successful projects in various countries
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Taylormade solutions

according to the specific needs of each client
Success Cases

International standard certifications

ISO 9000, ISO 20000 and MOPROSOFT
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Benefits of our solutions

Transformation of CFO´s office

Transformation of CFO´s office with a strategic and innovative approach.

Increasing the value for shareholders

Making a better use of capacity and resources in order to increase the value and satisfy employees, customers and shareholders.

Profitability and Cost Management

Understanding the real profitability of your company through products, customers and distribution channels.

Performance Management

Establishing indicators in various aspects of the organization to ensure the scope of strategic goals.

We are the firm with more deployments of profitability and cost models, using technological tools of SAP PCM (Profitability and Cost Management).

More than

successful projects in various countries and industries

Competitive Advantage

Structural solutions according to the specific needs of each customer.
High degree of specialization in solutions of financial transformation.
Strategic alliances with leading technology companies in the market (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and MicroStrategy).


“More than 20 years of experience”